Kuidas valida korrigeeriv pesu?

  • Kuidas valida korrigeeriv pesu?

    Even the stars of Hollywood do not have an ideal figure – many of them look perfect because of well-fitting shaping underwear. Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba are just a few of the celebrities who know the secret to looking perfect comes down to what you’re wearing underneath your clothes

    The following tips can help you choose the right style of shapewear:

    • Get the right fit. You may be tempted to buy a smaller size in shapewear so that you look slimmer, but don't make this mistake. Shapewear that is too small will not stay in place, roll down from your waist or bunch up on your legs. If you’re considering a smaller size because you desire additional support, a better way to get that support is to just move to shapewear with a higher support level.
    • Identify your body shape. Important step to choosing shapewear is identifying your body shape (pear / apple / sand clock, etc) and trouble spots. Do you need tummy control? Would you like more waist definition? How about shaping your torso, rear, or thighs? Maybe you’d like to smooth all of these trouble spots. Since today’s shapewear targets specific areas of the body, once you know what is your body shape and you want to improve, choosing the right shapewear for your will be easier.
    • Consider your comfort level. Light control provides the same support as control-top pantyhose, while moderate control contains more spandex and some control panels. Firm control minimizes your body, but it can also be uncomfortable to wear all day.
    • Put on your shapewear correctly. Always step into your shapewear, even dresses or tops. If you pull it over your head you will feel stuck and frustrated. Stepping in will ensure easier putting on and better fit.

    In addition to coming in a variety of shapes and colors, today’s shapewear also offers a number of different support levels that allow you to choose the amount of control, smoothness and support best for your figure.

    • Light Control – the weakest compression lingerie does not reduce the volumes, but smooths the lines of your shape. While wearing such underwear, the outerwear looks much prettier, it is especially comfortable for everyday wear.
    • Moderate Control – Offers additional smoothness with a moderate amount of control from light spandex and control panels. Atr the same time it is soft enough and comfortable for longer wear.
    • Firm/extra firm Control – Offers excellent correction and support for problem areas with solid control from firm panels and spandex. Essentially improves body shape, volume can be reduced by 1-2 sizes. Recommended more for special occasions than for everyday wear.

    Shapewear according to the body shape

    With the help of the following tips for different body types you will able to choose the best option for you.

    Hourglass. You have curves that naturally balance: proportional bust and hips, with a slimmer waistline, waist-to-hips ratio is 0,7 or less. Your goal with shapewear is to smooth and define the curves you already have.

    Good style: full-body shapers, bodies, shaping dresses
    Not so good: Shaping camisoles - can roll up, high waist briefs and shorts – can roll down
    Neutral: shaping briefs, leggings

    Straight (rectangle body). The straight figure, also known as the rectangle body type is defined with very less definition between bust, hip and waist measurements, waist-to-hips ratio is 0,75-0,9. The objective with the shapewear is to get more volume in your rear while slimming your waist

    Good style: bodies, dresses, high waist briefs, volume adding panties
    Not so good: panties, shorts, leggings – can bunch up in the waistline or roll down
    Neutral: full-body shapers, camisoles

    Apple (circle figure, round figured). Women with this body type tend to carry most of the weight at the midsection without a well defined waist, waist-to-hips ratio more than 0,9. The objective with shapewear is to bring in your midsection and define the waistline.

    Good style: bodies, dresses, high waist briefs
    Not so good: panties, shorts – can bunch up in the waistline or roll down
    Neutral: full-body shapers, camisoles

    Pear (curvy on bottom). You have curvy hips and slimmer waist with waist-to-hips ratio 0,7 or less, your bust and shoulders are slim. A goal with shapewear is to create balance in the figure.

    Good style: shorts, leggings, shaping tights
    Not so good: shaping camisoles - can roll up, briefs and bodies – can bunch up on your legs
    Neutral: dresses, full-body shapers

    Strawberry (shapely on top). You have bigger volume in bust and broad shoulders with narrower hips. Objective with shapewear is to draw attention away from chest and create more balance from top to bottom.

    Good style: camisoles, bodies, volume adding panties
    Not so good: high waist briefs and shorts – can roll down
    Neutral: dresses, full-body shapers, panties, leggings