PASSIONATA Miss Joy spacer rinnahoidja P47050NT

  • PASSIONATA Miss Joy spacer rinnahoidja P47050NT

    Tootekood: 334044340740
    Hind 2115 
    4230  Säästa 2115 
    Antud toode on saadaval
    Laos: 1 tk
    Ostmisel saate 10,58 punkt.

    PASSIONATA Miss Joy spacer rinnahoidja. P47050NT 

    Rinnahoidja mudel
    3/4 Cup Bra, Underwire, Seamless, molded, Padded
  • PASSIONATA Miss Joy spacer rinnahoidja P47050NT 

    • Spacer cut cup covered in a very light tulle for an ultra-graphic layering effect.
    • Technological innovation: spacer is more breathable and lighter than a T-shirt bra.
    • Fashionable, irresistible design for everyday wear like a second skin.
    • Medium coverage and beautiful rounded curves.
    • Butterfly motifs and double straps.
    • Underwire.  
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