RoDaSoleil SPORT BIKINI smart ujumis bikini

  • RoDaSoleil SPORT BIKINI smart ujumis bikini

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  • RoDaSoleil SPORT BIKINI smart ujumis bikini

    • Light, stylish and smart two piece swimsuit gives an equable tan and protecting against sun burn and photoaging.
    • Fine, delicate fabric, consisting of many tiny cells, allows the skin breathing and transmits only about 70% of UV light so protecting against the burning effect of sun rays.
    • Swimsuit acts as a sunscreen and protects the skin from sunburn as well as protects the most delicate areas of the woman body - breast and bikini zone.
    • At the same time it is enough to get equable beautiful tan.
    • The fabric has all the properties of the best traditional materials - elasticity, strength, it dries up instantly and does not fade in the sun.
    • Note! In order to protect yourself against harmful effects of sunlight, we recommend to apply a face cream on the nipples, and a sunscreen cream or a lotion on the open areas of the body. Together with the protection which gives the swimsuit fabric, this will help to preserve the youth of your skin, and get the equable tan on the whole body.