SILUETA lingerie travel bag

  • SILUETA lingerie travel bag

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     SILUETA travel bag with two separate pockets for used and fresh lingerie

  • SILUETA lingerie travel bag

    We often face the issue of how to pack our lingerie neatly when on a journey, especially when we are travelling by plane and have to open up our hand luggage for safety checks. There is also the issue of how to properly pack used lingerie.

    Due to these needs the first ‘Silueta’ brand product was born – the duplex bag with separate pockets for fresh and used lingerie.

     SILUETA lingerie travel bag:

    • 2 pockets with differently colored zippers.
    • Separate pockets for used and fresh lingerie.
    • Looks and fits neatly in hand luggage.
    • Has a loop for easy storage in a hotel bathroom or wardrobe.
    • Size 27 X 30 cm.
    • 100 % polyester.

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