Wear and care recommendations

  • Wear and care recommendations

    Compression tights and shaping underwear differ from traditional tights and lingerie due to their unique compression features. 

    This means that they will not only improve your image, wellbeing and level of comfort, but will also need to be taken care of differently. In order to keep using your product for as long as possible, we recommend following the guidelines below.

    How to put on compression hosiery

    • The general rule for putting on compression hosiery and shape wear is to avoid strong tension. It is one of the most common causes of tearing. The area where fingers or nails touch the material is especially susceptible to tearing when putting on stockings.
    • Put stockings on dry legs.
    • Put stockings on first thing in the morning immediately after getting up.
    • Start in a seated position. Gather up the material to the tips of the toes, then roll it over your towards the heel, first on one foot, then the other.
    • Pull the stockings up to the knee little by little.
    • Stand up and gently pull the stockings up.
    • Make sure the stockings are evenly stretched and correctly positioned. Avoid bunching at the ankles, calves and knees.
    • Make sure that the heel is in place and is not stretched too much.
    • Gently pull the material away from your toes in order to avoid high tension (if the stockings are pulled on too strong, your toes may feel uncomfortable, become numb or even get calluses).

    How to put on shapewear

    • It is also important to avoid strong tension while putting on shapewear in order to avoid strong tension, which would then lead to tearing. Try rolling the material onto your body.
    • Always step into your shapewear, slimming tops and camisoles. If you try to put it on over your head your shoulders will most likely get stuck or the material will tear. Putting it on from below will also form your body better.
    • Leave gusset hooks and fastenings fastened while putting on your shapewear.
    • Put shapewear only on dry skin. Putting it on damp or freshly moisturised skin will be very hard as the material will stick to skin and refuse to move.

    Washing instructions

    • Hand wash or machine wash in a special washing bag at 30°C using the programme for „delicate garments“.
    • Do not use softeners - they can affect the compression properties of the product.
    • Do not machine dry and do not expose the product to direct heat (drying on a battery, ironing).
    • Stockings or underwear with silicone strips should be hand washed in cool water with small amounts of detergent - the silicone band will last longer.