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About venous diseases and compression treatment

  • About venous diseases and compression treatment

    When can we supect the venous insufficience? 

    • Tiredness and sensation of heaviness in the legs at the end of the day
    • Leg pain after prolonged sitting or standing
    • Leg swelling after the working day
    • Visible leg subcutaneous vein pattern during pregnancy and after
    • Leg cramps at night
    • Leg skin color changes
    • Ulcers in the lower part of leg and calf
    • Venous diseases in the family (heredity)

    What are the risk factors?

    • Lack of movement. Standing or sitting for a long time, especially with your legs bent or crossed
    • Heredity
    • Overweight or obesity
    • Pregnancy
    • Gender: women tend to get varicose veins more often than men

    How often are venous diseases?

    Every woman dreams to have the perfectly beautiful and healthy feet. Unfortunately, the reality is different - venous disease during the life are diagnosed to every second woman and every fourth man who consult their family doctor. Venous diseases especially popular among the people whose jo bis related with long sitting or long standing. For women, who gave birth, leg vein diseases are twice as likely as for those who didn‘t. The older the age, the more frequent are venous disorders.

    Take this quiz and find out if you have any factors of leg vein insufficience.

    General advice for those who complain about tired legs and weak veins

    • Make a cold shower for your legs each morning. The cold shrinks veins.
    • Don’t stand or sit still for long periods of time. Walk of ride your bicycle as much as possible, climb the stairs. Movement activates blood circulation in the legs.
    • Take regular exercise, such as walking.
    • Maintain a healthy weight.
    • Put your feet up from time to time.
    • Wear compression stockings. They increase the external pressure on the veins, improve blood circulation and prevents formation of varicosis. Some people still imagine that compression stockings - thick and unattractive. However, such a view is already outdated. Modern compression stockings not only very effective, but also elegant.

    Compression therapy - the most reliable prevention of leg pain, swelling and development of varicose. What is the effect of compression stockings?

    Elastic stockings and tights increase muscle tonus and help to "pump" venous blood to the heart more effectively. This improves blood circulation in the legs, resulting in a decrease or even disappearing of leg swelling, pain, aches, reduces the possibility of varicosis development .

    Who should wear compression stockings?

    Compression stockings should be obligatory to all those who already have leg vein problems. In such a case it is recommended to visit your doctor and he will advice th right compression.

    The lower compression (preventive or class 1) stockings are recommended by doctors to anyone who cares about his feet health and especially for those who have risk factors - job, related with long sitting or standing, overweight, heredity, during pregnancy, etc.

    When not to use graduated compression

    Graduated compression should not be used in the presence of the following pathologies:

    • Arterial pathology: compression of small size arteries would further reduce blood passage, creating pain and reduced blood supply
    • Diabetes with neuropathy (pain of peripheral nerves following alteration of glucose metabolism)
    • Moist dermatosis(reddened skin, abraded surface, secretion of serous fluid)
    • Ongoing skin ulcer(not caused by venous insufficiency)
    • Crural eczema
    • Disorders of arterial circulation
    • Raynaud’s diseasearterial pathology with damage to the artery wall

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