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  • Rina Averbakh, designer from St. Petersburg, founder and ideologist of “smart swimwear” brand Rodasoleil, has a medical background. For thirteen years, she worked in a private ambulance and today, is still the editor of a health newspaper. That's why Irina promotes a healthy lifestyle and a "delicate tan." The idea of being health conscious, so important for Irina, was the basis for creating the RoDaSoleil brand. Their swimsuits are made of high-tech material that let the sun’s rays pass through the fabric and provide protection ranging from 15 to 35 SPF, depending on the model. The items don’t leave marks on the skin and, like sunscreen, give a healthy and uniform tan. In addition, each item has different prints, which are created exclusively by designers before they are applied to the fabric. It is a long and expensive process, but it guarantees the creation of a unique and exclusive range of products.