SOLIDEA Marilyn Ccl.2 kompresijas garās zeķes ar vaļēju purngalu

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    Kods: 830049602620
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    Veicot pirkumu, jūs varat saņemt 24,34 punkti punktus.

    SOLIDEA Marilyn Ccl.2 Punta Aperta kompresijas garās zeķes bez pirkstu daļas. Otrā terapijas kompresijas klase. 0333B8

    Kompresijas klase
    II klase (23-32mmHg)
    Garās zeķes
    Marilyn hold-up stockings
    Open toe
    80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • SOLIDEA Marilyn Ccl.2 Punta Aperta kompresijas garās zeķes

    • Graduated compression 25/32 mmHg opaque stay up stocking with silicone band.
    • Helps to prevent edema and leg discomfort, the pooling of blood in the legs,and edema.
    • Also prevents deep vein thrombosis in individuals subjected to immobility, such as long distance travelers.
    • For varicose veins, post-surgery, venous insufficiency, moderate to severe varicosis, moderate swelling, after the healing of leg ulcers, post-phlebitic syndrome, phlebitis, reversible lymphedema, and post varicose vein surgery, vein stripping, sclerotherapy, and plebectomy.
    • The new generation yarns makes it easy to wear, soft and elegant.
    • The massaging insole provides well-being and comfort.
    • Sanitized® hygiene function for all-day freshness.
    • Open toe style lends comfort and is perfect in case of bunions or diabetes.
    • Krāsas: Nero (black), Natur (skin)
    • Izmēri: S, M, ML, L, XL

    N.B. We recommend you wash the silicone band every time you put the stockings on. This removes the film that physiological perspiration forms on the silicone which reduces adherence to the skin. Doing so will ensure perfect support for your stockings.