SOLIDEA Miss relax 140 sheer Ccl1 sieviešu kompresijas pusgarās zeķes

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    Kods: 830049605956
    Cena 1681
    1868 Ietaupījums 187
    Prece ir noliktavā
    Noliktavā: 11 vnt.
    Uz grozu 
    Veicot pirkumu, jūs varat saņemt 8,41 punkti punktus.

     SOLIDEA Miss Relax 140 den 18/21 mmHg caurspīdīgas sieviešu pirmā terapijas kompresijas Cc1 pusgarās zeķes. 0318A4

    Kompresijas klase
    I klase, H (18-21mmHg +- 3)
    Pusgarās zeķes
  •  SOLIDEA Miss relax 140 sheer Ccl1 sieviešu kompresijas pusgarās zeķes

    • 140 den sheer and elegant knee-high socks, as smooth as silk, for modern women who combine dynamism with style.
    • Graduated compression 18/21 mmhg prevents and treats disorders due to venous insufficiency, brings relief to the legs giving a sense of lightness from morning to evening.
    • The support elastic does not pinch and leaves no marks, thanks to a special elastic that maintains pleasantly the knee-high sock in the right position without causing allergies.
    • With comfortable toe seams and soft antistress insole.
    • With sanitized® hygienic function. 
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