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SOLIDEA Silver Wave Long koriģējošie pretcelulīta legingi

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    SOLIDEA Silver Wave Long  koriģējošie mikromasāžas pretcelulīta legingi. Ar sudraba joniem. 0355A5

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  •  SOLIDEA Silver Wave Long koriģējošie mikromasāžas pretcelulīta legingi

    • The ultimate micromassage, compression garment with multiple uses.
    • Solidea Silver Wave Long compression leggings are excellent for sporting types and those who are looking for an anti-cellulite.
    • A patented micromassaging fabric boosts microcirculation on the surface of the skin, to smooth skin and help melt away the effects of cellulite.
    • A bacteriostatic fibre that`s power-packed with silver ions, keeps skin clean, dry and healthy
    • Graduated compression helps energize legs
    • Because of the way the product has been designed, the micromassage function is not only effective at helping to fight the effects of cellulite* but also works extremely well for lymphoedema.
    • Breathable, cotton gusset.
    • Flat seams.
    • Designed for comfort, these leggings are perfect for the gym or everyday wear.
    • Krāsas: Moka, Pelēks, Navy blue, Black, Champagne
    • Izmēri: S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL

    We tested! / Practical tips

    Those leggings are most effective when used during physical activity (without panty and under workout wear) but can also be used as shapewear or usual tights under a dress or tunic.

    Be aware that anti-cellulite effect will be noticeable only if you are moving while wearing them - only then will a micromassage take place. And do not be surprised to see the traces of the “waves” after you take the leggings of, they will disappear in a few hours. This confirms that the micromassage was really effective.

    Wear them for a day and your skin will feel smoother to the touch, but wear them for a 6 week period and you will really get the best out of these anti cellulite leggings.

    Due to the nature of the garment it also gives a certain amount of support to knee and hip joints. This is especially important for jogging, dancing or skiing, especially if you already have joint problems.

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