SOLIDEA Silver Wave Top koriģējošs pretcelulīta krekliņš

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    SOLIDEA Silver Wave Top  koriģējošais krekliņš ar atvērtu krūšu daļu un piedurknēm līdz elkoņiem.  0494A5

    Formējošais līmenis
    Koriģējošs / vidēja kompresija
    Body shape
  • SOLIDEA Silver Wave Top koriģējošais krekliņš

    • Micromassage action top made of special tridimensional wave fabric, designed to slim the upper arms and the waist
    • Especially suitable for those who suffer from hand and armpits cellulite or need shaping in this area
    • A patented micromassaging fabric boosts microcirculation on the surface of the skin, to smooth skin and help melt away the effects of cellulite
    • Stimulates microcirculation with body natural movements
    • Made out of a special silver ion bacteriostatic yarn that keeps skin healthy and inhibits bad odors.
    • Perfect for both every day wear and workouts.
    • Krāsas: Noisette (dark skin), Black
    • Izmēri: S, M, L

    We tested! / Practical tips

    Do not be afraid looking at the picture - the top is not as short as you see on the model, it has a lenght of the usual T-shirt. Just don`t forget how to put them on - "step in", not to put over the head. It will be easier to put on and will shape your body better.