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MEY Zzzleepwear шорты

  • MEY Zzzleepwear шорты

    Артикул: 400960265349
    Цена 4995
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    В наличии: 1 шт.
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    MEY Zzzleepwear шорты 161873 

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  • MEY Zzzleepwear шорты 

    • Comfortable shorts from Mey Night2Day collection.
    • Relaxed fit.
    • Comfort waistband.
    • Short leg.
    • Side slit pockets.
    • N8TEX. The first nightwear from MEY that recharges your energy. Fall asleep more easily and wake up refreshed with N8TEX. More about N8TEX
    • RELAXING - specially developed titanium mineral coating has a positive effect on your energy balance.
    • REGENERATING - the mineral coating reflects back your body's own far infrared heat to provide you with more energy.
    • COOLING - 40% COOLMAX fibres rapidly absorb moisture from the skin.
    • COMFORTABLE - 60% natural cotton ensures outstanding comfort.
    • SLEEP PODCAST - scan the Spotify code with the Spotify app, start the sleep podcast and fall asleep.
    • 60% Viscose, 40% Poliester.   
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