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Ортопедические бандажи

  • This line of elastic supports was created by the attention Solidea gives to well-being and health and ongoing technological innovation. They are ideal for sports but are suitable for everyone to care for and prevent joint pathologies. Special!: an exclusive silver ion bacteriostatic yarn prevents bacteria from proliferating and impedes the onset of bad odors.

    SOLIDEA Silver Support напульсник
    Артикул: 0391B8
    В наличии: 18 шт.
    Цена 1330 
    SOLIDEA Silver Support наколенник
    Артикул: 0389B8
    В наличии: 10 шт.
    Цена 2620 
    SOLIDEA Silver Support голеностопный бандаж
    Артикул: 0392B8
    В наличии: 15 шт.
    Цена 1730 
    SOLIDEA Silver Support налокотник
    Артикул: 0390B8
    В наличии: 16 шт.
    Цена 1730