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  •  Would you like to recover your original shape and firmness of your body as soon as possible? Than choose Silver Wave products or other shapewear. The earlier after delivery you start to wear special garmets, the better and faster result you will achieve.

    • Silver Wave Abdominal band can be worn already 1-2 hours after natural and Caesarian deliveries. Effectively shapes the waist and abdomen and supports the back and core muscles following their stretch during pregnancy, easy tu put on, especially convenient while you are more lying than walking.
    • 1-2 weeks after natural or Caesarian deliveries Siver Wave High Waist Short will be a perfect solution. Needs more efforts to put on, but more convenient to wear and better shapes your body. 
    SPANX Look At Me High Waist shaping leggings
    Code: 20133R
    In stock: 1 pcs.
    MAGIC Mommy nursing bra Dots
    Code: 20MD
    In stock: 6 pcs.
    MAGIC Mommy comfort nursing bra
    Code: 20MB
    In stock: 10 pcs.
    Anita Miss Lovely nursing bra
    Code: 5086
    In stock: 5 pcs.
    ANITA Miss Debby nursing bra
    Code: 5091
    In stock: 13 pcs.
    SPANX OnCore open-bust shaping body
    Code: 10129R
    In stock: 12 pcs.
    Magic Maxi Sexy Waistnipper
    Code: 17WN
    In stock: 7 pcs.
    Anita Miss nursing bra
    Code: 5010
    In stock: 22 pcs.
    Anita Maternity Seamless nursing bra
    Code: 5096
    In stock: 26 pcs.
    Control Body GOLD corsett with slips
    Code: 311274
    In stock: 6 pcs.
    SOLIDEA Silver Wave High Waist anticellulite short
    Code: 0448A5
    In stock: 11 pcs.